The 2003 ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters: (clockwise from upper left)
Kartic Subr, Geordie Swainbank, Tai-San Choo, Surya Singh,
Jessica Fernandes, Wendy Ju and Cow Lauterbach.
-photo by Jan Hardenbergh

The ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters are volunteers who canvas SIGGRAPH to relay ideas, events and stories from the conference to the world at large. We aspire not only to convey the breadth of new and exciting things at the conference's many venues, but also to explore in depth the personalities, issues and culture that are an enduring legacy of the SIGGRAPH community.

The SIGGRAPH Reporters team:

Erin Callahan

Interview with Judy Brown.

Tai-San Choo

Tai-San Choo is currently a senior Computer Science/ Communications major at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. His interests lie in film studies and film production, especially movie CG special effects and animation, in addition to interactive multimedia and digital art.

Tai's articles: Only The Lonely: Course on Independent Animation Production, The Convergence of Computer Graphics and the Film Industry, Sea of Change: SIGGRAPH 2003 Returns to the West Coast, interviews with Josh Strickon and Darin Grant.

Jessica Fernandes

Jessica Fernandes recently graduated from Concordia University in Montreal where she completed a double major in Computer Science and Digital Image/Sound & the Fine Arts. She is currently on the lookout for a challenging creative job that will make use of both her artistic and technical skills.

Jessica's articles: To Sleep or Not to Sleep?, The Hype, the Chaos, the Swag and Miscellaneous, Chicks of a Feather, Party of the Week: The Chapters Party, On the spot; What is the coolest booth on the Exhibition Floor?, interviews with Alan Norton, Holly Rushmeier, and Michael Wright.

Rick "Cow" Lauterbach

Rick "Cow" Lauterbach recently achieved an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Animation. He is currently working an internship with Animatics & Storyboards / A&S Animation in Orlando, FL; in the future he hopes to continue a
career in the industry specializing on the more technical side dealing with setup and MEL coding.

Rick's articles: The Art Surrounds You: A talk with Michael Wright about the Art Gallery, Being Herded At The Art Gallery, I Want To Go…But I Don’t Know What I Want To Go As, On the Spot: What is your favorite work of art at SIGGRAPH?

Yusheng Li

Yusheng Li

Yusheng Li is currently an MSc student in Advanced Computing at Bristol University, UK, majoring in Global Computing and Multimedia (expected graduation in September 2003). His research interests are multimedia, realistic graphics rendering and 3D modelling and animation.

Yusheng's articles: Interviews with Alan Chalmers, and Marc Levoy.

Surya Singh

Surya Singh is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University with research interests in Robotics and intelligent control. He has secondary interests in computing algorithms and technologies.

Surya's articles: The Fastest Session at SIGGRAPH: the Fast-Forward Papers Preview, On the spot:What part of SIGGRAPH do you find most enjoyable?, Paper Presentations Enlighten Core, The Future Looks Bright; However, Is Change in the Offing?, Robotics: The Android Dreams Special Session

Kartic Subr

Kartic Subr is currently a PhD student at UC Irvine. His research is in the area of Computer Graphics and he is becoming increasingly interested in physically correct rendering.

Kartic's articles: Introduction to Computer Graphics: Perception IS Data?, Are we there yet? Technology at SIGGRAPH, On the spot: Does art meet technology at SIGGRAPH? , interviews with Michael Bailey, Rick Barry, and Matthieu Desbrun.

Geordie Swainbank

Geordie Swainbank recently graduated from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks with a Bachelor of Fine Art specializing in Computer Graphics and Drawing. He is currently on the prowl for a wonderful job in the computer gaming industry.

Geordie's articles: Writer's Blog, On the spot: Are you a gamer?, The job-hunt: Can you get game??, Let’s get animated! The introduction to Computer Graphics Course gets animated, interviews with Andrew Glassner and Peter Braccio.

Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju is currently a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Her interests lie in the integration of interaction technologies and physical workspaces.

Wendy is the ACM SIGGRAPH Reports Coordinator for 2003. In addition, she contributed the following articles: SIGGRAPH 2003 Off to a Rip-roaring Start, SIGGRAPH extreme!, interviews with Peter Schröder, Marc Levoy, Alan Chalmers, and Judy Brown.






The goal of the ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters program is to capture and convey the experience of being at SIGGGRAPH.

If you are interested in joining the ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters team for 2004, please contact wendyju at siggraph dot org.


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