The San Diego Convention Center houses the hubbub SIGGRAPH 2003
-photo by Tai-San Choo

SIGGRAPH 2003 Off to a Rip-roaring Start

SIGGRAPH 2003 kicked off bright and early Sunday morning in San Diego. Thousands of attendees milled about the spacious halls of the San Diego convention center, standing in lines for donuts or pretzels, happily greeting familiar faces as they walked by. Business was brisk at the registration booths as attendees picked up their badges, their conference proceedings, and of course the all-important tickets to the Electronic Theatre.

The Reports crew will be capturing the experience of being at SIGGRAPH. While it is impossible to describe every picture or record every talk, these Reports will attempt to convey the diversity, intensity and excitement of the conference. Whether you're interested in academics, art, technology,movies or gaming, SIGGRAPH is an thrilling place to be, and we hope that these Reports help in some small part to bring that thrill home.

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