History Committee

The history we preserve today will influence how SIGGRAPH is remembered in the future.

With over twenty years of informal efforts to preserve the history of SIGGRAPH and computer graphics, the History Committee collects, protects and increases accessibility surrounding ACM SIGGRAPH’s history in relation to the development of the computer graphics industry. After an official founding in 2019, we continue to encourage the people and technology who document the impact of SIGGRAPH and the field.

Comprised of semi-independent projects, the History Committee continues to work on the following initiatives.


An online form for submitting ideas related to the 50th Conference anniversary in 2023.

People Behind the Pixels

A focus on the history of computer graphics.

Archiving Stories, Papers and Materials

A variety of archive initiatives surrounding past conferences and chapters with copies of interviews, paper or other conference or industry produced materials.

SIGGRAPH Digital Presence Committee Collaboration

Together, we collect and archive current and historical assets to connect people to information and other people.

21st Century Digital Presence Strategy Committee

The mission of the ACM SIGGRAPH 21st Century Digital Presence Strategy Committee is to improve the organization’s digital presence to help people connect to information and other people, including collecting and archiving current and historical assets, developing databases, servers, and interfaces for asset metadata storage and searching, and providing an online platform for networking, mentoring, and collaboration.

Committee Chair

Mary Whitton

History Committee and 21st Century Digital Presence Strategy Committee
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Term: 2021-2024 (2nd Term)

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