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WMSCI 2014

Tue Jul 15 - Sat Jul 19 2014
The 18th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics
Orlando, Florida, USA

WMSCI 2014 is an international forum for scientists and engineers, researchers and consultants, theoreticians and practitioners in the fields of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. The forum focuses into specific disciplinary research, and also in multi, inter, and trans-disciplinary studies and projects. One of its aims is to relate disciplines, fostering analogical thinking and, hence, producing input to the logical thinking.

WMSCI/ISAS Conferences started in Baden-Baden, Germany, in 1995; from then on, they have grown from 45 papers to an average, in the last 5 years, of 500 registered participants that participated in each of the yearly WMSCI and its collocated conferences. Nowadays, the conference has become an international forum where researchers and practitioners examine key issues in Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. As well as participants from universities, governments, and industries share ideas, knowledge and experiences among different disciplines.

The purpose of WMSCI 2014 is to promote discussions and interactions between researchers and practitioners focused on disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary issues, ideas, concepts, theories, methodologies and applications. We are particularly interested in fostering the exchange of concepts, prototypes, research ideas, and other results which could contribute to the academic arena and also benefit business, and the industrial community.

For more information, contact wmsci@mail.iiis2014.org