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NextMed / MMVR21

Thu Feb 20 - Sun Feb 23 2014
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference
Manhattan Beach, California, USA

NextMed/MMVR presents innovative research at the confluence of healthcare and information technology. The 21st gathering takes place February 2014 in Manhattan Beach, California.

"Medicine Meets Virtual Reality" was conceived in 1991 to explore the healthcare utilization of rapidly evolving computing and communications technologies. Physicians, educators, scientists, and engineers gathered to assess how patient care and medical education could be enhanced by increasingly powerful and affordable computers and the expanding Internet. Each specialty brought its own skills and experience. By identifying and nurturing collaborative objectives, they understood that revolutionary tools could be created and existing practices transformed.

Two decades later, the curriculum has expanded beyond virtual reality to encompass a broader range of healthcare topics. The rebranded "NextMed" continues to unite experienced researchers with tomorrow's leaders while they share current breakthroughs and strategize new directions. Their multidisciplinary expertise generates a unique perspective on what's now and what's next in medicine.

For more information, contact MMVR21@NextMed.com