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Expressive 2014

Fri Aug 8 - Mon Aug 11 2014
The Joint Symposium on Computational Aesthetics, Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling and Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
Vancouver, Canada


CAe 2014 is the tenth annual symposium on computational aesthetics. Computational Aesthetics bridges the analytic and synthetic by integrating aspects of computer science, philosophy, psychology, and the fine, applied & performing arts. It seeks to facilitate both the analysis and the augmentation of creative behaviours. CAe also investigates the creation of tools that can enhance the expressive power of the fine and applied arts and furthers our understanding of aesthetic evaluation, perception and meaning. The conference brings together individuals with technical experience of developing computer based tools to solve aesthetic problems and people with artistic/design backgrounds who use these new tools.


SBIM 2014 is the eleventh symposium on sketch-based interfaces and modeling. First started in 2004, SBIM provides a unique venue for researchers, students and practitioners interested in sketch-based techniques to interact with one another, share lessons learned, show new results and discuss open issues.


NPAR 2014 is the twelfth symposium on non-photorealistic animation and rendering. Non-photorealistic animation and rendering (NPAR) refers to techniques for visually communicating ideas and information. Such techniques usually generate imagery which is expressive rather than “photorealistic”. This research deals with both the mechanisms of non-photorealistic rendering techniques as well as the principles of visual communication via such artistic rendering.