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Display Week 2017

Sun May 21 - Fri May 26 2017
Society for Information Display International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition
San Francisco, California

Display Week is the once a year, can’t-miss event for the electronic information display industry, a $100 billion/year industry. The exhibition is the premier showcase for global information display companies and researchers to unveil cutting-edge developments in display technology.

SID's annual Display Week Symposium brings together hundreds of speakers for both oral and poster paper presentations. Papers are solicited in all aspects of motion-image technology, including device technology (LCD, OLED, projector, etc.) and the emergence of Wearable and Vehicle Displays. Papers are also solicited in the area of technology development that enables lower-power-consumption and higher-performance displays for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, e-Books, etc.).

The Display Week Monday Seminars are from 8:30 am - 6:30 pm on May 22nd, providing lectures on diverse topics related to information display. 

  • Learn the current state of the art in the hottest display technologies
  • Fast paced, covering recent advances in 90 minutes
  • 15 different seminars to choose from in three tracks across multiple topics
  • Streaming video of the presentations will be available in July for all Monday Seminar attendees without additional charge