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DeMset 2013

Tue Jul 9 - Sat Jul 13 2013
Design and Modeling in Science, Education, and Technology
Orlando, FL

Design and modeling are concepts and activities common to several disciplines in Science, Education, and Technology. Consequently, design and modeling provide effective concepts, theories, methodologies, and tools for intra- and inter-disciplinary communications. The World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI might provide synergic relationships with a conference on Design and Modeling, and vice versa. Attendees of these conferences might gain insights and have effective analogical thinking in both the formal and informal communication they usually have in meetings, symposia, and conferences. On the other hand research activities are also common to several disciplines in Science, Education, and Technology, as has reciprocal relationships with Design and Modeling. Descriptive models are used in Science, and prescriptive modeling activities are used in designing scientific activities, educational methodologies, and engineering or technological products.

Design, Modeling, and Research are transdiciplinary concepts that might serve well in disciplinary and inter-disciplinary communication. Consequently, the purpose of organizing the 2nd International conference on Design and Modeling in Science, Education, and Technology: DeMSET 2013 is to promote intra- and inter-disciplinary communication by means of common concepts, methods, and tools used in different sub-disciplines and disciplines. Formal presentations might be made in disciplinary and interdisciplinary terms, while informal inter-disciplinary communication could produce insights and analogical thinking.

For more information, contact wmsci@mail.iiis-summer13.org