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CITSA 2013

Tue Jul 9 - Sat Jul 13 2013
International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications
Orlando, FL

CITSA 2013 is an International multi-conference being organized with the purpose of providing researchers, practitioners, developers, consultants, and end-users of computerized, communications and/or control systems and technologies, as well as their industrial and social applications in the private and the public sectors, an opportunity to join in a common place sharing experience and knowledge.

It is intended to be a forum to expose and share current and future research work and innovations in these areas, as well as in the relationships among them. One of the primary objectives of CITSA 2013 is to promote and encourage "interdisciplinary cross-fertilization", "epistemic things" and the production of "technical objects". Its intellectual perspective context is systemic thinking and practice, including the analogical thinking that characterizes the Systems Approach.

The Organizing Committee of CITSA 2013 invite authors to submit their original and unpublished works, analogy-based thinking hypothesis, innovations, experience-based reflections and ideas, specific problems requiring solutions, case studies, position papers, etc, in the fields of computer, communication and control and their social and industrial applications, as well as in the relationships between two of these areas or among all of them.

For more information, contact imeti@mail.iiis-summer13.org