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The duality of real and virtual existence, seemingly, leans to its virtual side exponentially in this media era. Can an absence from the physical world resonate with the virtual presence, or vice-versa? Through an interdisciplinary perspective, SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery: Echo is seeking evidence of digital activities in the physical world and the impact of natural phenomena in cyberspace. Artistic and scientific explorations will “echo” between digital and analog spaces and fabricate a hybrid model, in which, the duality merges into a uniformed and ubiquitous state. What are our perceptions and expressions of time and space in this model, then?

Explorations may include functional, structural, cultural, emotional, experiential or metaphorical approaches. All forms of digitally-mediated art works, especially kinetic and interactive ones, are highly encouraged. The gallery mainly considers, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • 2D and 3D artworks, such as digital prints paintings, and sculptures
  • Interactive, electronically-mediated, mixed media performances
  • Interactive installations, landscapes, art environments
  • Web-based art, responsive media
  • Time-based art work
  • Artworks using digital communities, robotics, touch-screens, wearable art
  • Artworks using digital audio

Submitted works will be reviewed by a jury, and selected works will be exhibited in a gallery space at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

Ying-Qing Xu
Art Gallery Chair
Tsinghua University

Jing Zhou
Art Gallery Co-Chair
Monmouth University


Submissions are due on 5 June 2012, 23:59 UTC/GMT.

Please review and carefully follow the submission requirements below. Incomplete or wrongly completed submissions will not be considered. For each submission, please complete the following requirements:

Page 1 - Information about Work:

  • Basic information: Title, date of completion.

Page 2 – Information about Work:

  • An artist's statement indicating the conceptual trajectory of your work, the role technology plays in your creative practice, and how the work you are submitting relates to the theme of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery (up to 300 words). If you are submitting more than one work, the artist's statement should be the same for each (remember: use a separate submission form for each work).
  • A technical description of the work (100-200 words).

Page 3 – Submission and Authorization Agreement

You must review your permissions (part of your original online submission form) and complete the Submission and Authorization Agreement by entering an electronic signature before the submission deadline. If you do not complete your Acceptance Agreement with an electronic signature, your work will not be reviewed for SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

The Acceptance Agreement is a legal document. It explains the uses SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 makes of presented material and requires you to acknowledge that you have permission to use this material. This may involve seeking clearance from your employer or from others who have loaned you material, such as videotapes and slides.

The agreement helps prevent situations whereby SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 presentations include material without permission that might lead to complaints or even legal action. In addition, this agreement asks if ACM SIGGRAPH may use your materials for conference and organization promotional material in exchange for full author/artist credit information.

Submissions that do not fulfill the submission expectations will not be reviewed.
All submitters must complete the Submission and Authorization Agreement before the submission deadline. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or accepted.

For a better understanding of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Submission and Authorization Agreement, please click here.

Page 4 – Technical Requirements

Specifications of your work, including size, weight, light and sound emission; lighting and sound requirements; spatial, network, and electrical needs; etc.

Page 5 - Images and Other Visual Documentation of Work:

  • Main image: One representative image in JPG format suitable for use in print and promotional materials (see image format requirements below).
  • Web image: In JPG or PNG format, max. 200 KB for website publication.
  • Floor plan: Submit detailed layout of space needed for installation, including power requirements, exact dimensions of floor space and height, lighting, audio, power sources, furniture such as tables, etc. See Sample Floor Plan.
  • Visual documentation: In addition to the image above, include up to three visual files for each submission (three images and one video). At a minimum, include one image. Video documentation is expected for installation, kinetic, or interactive works. Videos need to be formatted as QuickTime (.mov) files of up to three minutes in length and maximum 200 MB.

Page 6 - Manage Contributors

  • List of project collaborators (if any).

Please note: All entries must be uploaded to the online submission system. No discs or drives will be accepted.

Non-native English speakers may use the English Review Service to help improve the text of submissions. Please note that this process takes time, so plan far ahead. Requests for the English Review Service need to be submitted two weeks before the submission deadline.

Educator’s Resources Submission option: Those submitting content to a SIGGRAPH conference have the option of donating materials of educational value to ACM SIGGRAPH online resources for the benefit of the education community. Learn more

For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see Uploading Files

For additional submission information, please see the FAQs.

Selections will be made by a panel of digital art experts according to the following criteria:

  • Overall impact of the work
  • Relevance to the Call for Submissions
  • Quality of accompanying artist statement
  • Creative use of media
  • Depth of critical exploration

Artists will receive acceptance and rejection notices via email. Detailed information and instructions will then be sent to artists along with the acceptance letter.
You must promptly complete and return the following:

  •  Shipping Information Form
  •  Equipment Rental Form
  •  Networking Form
  •  Insurance Form


All work selected for the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery will also be documented in the SIGGRAPH 2012 website and the Full Conference DVD-ROM.


In general, accepted artists are responsible for bringing or shipping their work to SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in Singapore. Artists are also responsible for return shipping after the conference.


We will work closely with you to ensure proper and effective installation of your work. You must send exhibition-ready work. Prints must be framed and ready to hang, three-dimensional works must be assembled and ready for display, installation works must be complete with detailed set-up instructions and diagrams, etc. Exhibition installation will be accomplished by professionals, although complex works will need your individual participation, so you should plan to arrive early to assist with installation.

Note: If your work arrives at the convention center, and it is not as depicted in your submission or is not ready for installation, we reserve the right to exclude it from the exhibition.

Other Details

You will be able to update your basic submission information so that it can be included in the conference program and website. This information needs to be finalized two weeks after acceptance. If you wish to attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in Singapore, registration and travel costs are at your own expense.


What type of artwork is acceptable for submission?

  • 2D and 3D artwork, such as digital prints, paintings, and sculptures
  • Interactive, electronically-mediated, mixed media performances
  • Interactive installations, landscapes, art environments
  • Web-based art, responsive media
  • Time-based art work
  • Artwork using digital communities, robotics, touch-screens, wearable art
  • Artwork using digital audio

If your work does not obviously fit into one of these categories, please choose the one that seems most appropriate. Your work will not be rejected because it does not conform to one of these categories.

My work has an aesthetic component, but it is mainly a demonstration of a technology I developed. Where should I submit it?

Please submit it to Emerging Technologies.

If I am interested in submitting an electronically mediated performance, what sort of limitations should I be aware of?

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery welcomes proposals for all kinds of electronically mediated performances. However, we will not be able to present all deserving projects due to limitations in availability of suitable venues.

Your performance should be no longer than one hour in length, and you should be able to repeat the performance at least twice during the conference.

You will be responsible for all set-up and tear-down (we will provide volunteers to help). You are also responsible for supplying your own equipment. If you have a performance that does not fit well into these parameters, please contact the Art Gallery Chair to discuss possible solutions. There may be other opportunities for you at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

Can I submit a video documenting my work?

For performances, installations, and any interactive art that changes over time, you should submit a digital video that shows the evolution of the work, in addition to still images for documentation.

Is digital video art accepted?

Yes, if there is a significant use of creative digital techniques to alter the video, if the piece incorporates computer animation, or if it expands on aesthetic issues described in the Art Gallery Call for Participation.

Is SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 accepting sculptures?

Yes. We especially encourage sculptures that are interactive, robotic, electronic, or part of an installation. Rapid prototyping, works that make use of embedded systems, or works that combine traditional media with digital systems are also welcome.

Submission Process

Where do I send my submission materials?

All work must be submitted via the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery Online Submission Form. Do not send printed proposals or slides in physical form through the mail.

How many pieces can I submit to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery?

There is no limit. Submit as many as you like. But you must complete and submit a separate submission form for each work, unless your work is a series (see below).

If my work is a series, how should I submit it?

You should submit all pieces of the series under the same submission form. Be aware that if you specify that the pieces can NOT be split up, the jury will have to agree on all of the works in the series, so the work may be harder to accept. If your series does not hold together without each of the component parts, make sure you check "Please do not split up." Do not use this category to submit multiple artworks unless they are a series.

Can I submit a detail of my art work along with the image?


Will you accept my work without an artist's statement?

No. All submissions must include a 200-300 word publishable artist's statement. Your statement must address the conceptual aspects of the work. You must also include a 100-200 word publishable technical statement.

Can I submit a URL rather than images of my work?

No. You must submit images of your work so that we can publish an image of your work. You may submit a URL so that we can get additional information about your work if needed.

Upon Acceptance

Will SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 pay for shipping and framing?

No, you are responsible for framing (NO glass, please), crating, shipping, and in-transit insurance. You must pack and ship your artwork professionally and safely. Packing peanuts are NOT acceptable. Work that arrives at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in substandard condition may be pulled from the show.

I have an over-sized work that I just want push-pinned to the wall. Is this acceptable?

No. Your work must be professionally framed. We reserve the right to pull works that are not framed to our specifications.

Can I display a visual postcard with my work on it in the art gallery?

Yes. Each artist will be encouraged to send or bring 4.25-cm x 6-cm color postcards with an image of the work on the front and information about the piece on the back. These will be displayed and available for attendees (so bring plenty). No commercial promotional materials will be allowed.

Will SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 pay for any duty or taxes on international shipments?

No. You are responsible for all import and export expenses.

Does SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 have funding to ship my equipment to the conference?

No. Many artists who have participated in previous SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Art Galleries have received funding from local arts organizations or national councils. We will be happy to provide a letter of reference should you require it.

At the Conference

If I show my work at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012, will I have to watch my equipment?

Yes. You will need to have enough people to watch your installation or art piece if it requires monitoring.

Do I need to install my own work?

We will work closely with you to ensure proper and effective installation of your work. Exhibition installation will be accomplished by professionals, although complex works will need your individual participation, so you should plan to arrive early to assist with the installation.

Will SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 pay for my accommodations and travel expenses?

No. You are responsible for your own expenses.

Expanded Audience

Can I submit the same piece to multiple programs?

No. Submit your work to the program you feel is most appropriate.

5 June, 23:59 UTC/GMT
Submission deadline for all Art Gallery submissions

12 June - 22 July
Review period

Middle of August
Acceptance and rejection emails sent

Middle of August to October
Shipping, insurance, and installation arrangements made with accepted artists

28 November – 1 December
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012, Singapore