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For additional information about John Whitney please check out one of the below listed sources.

  • Robert Russett and Cecile Starr, Experimental Animation, Da Capo 1976.
    Contains an interview with Whitney and stills from several of his animations.

  • John Handhardt, Video Culture, A Critical Investigation,Peregrine Smith Books, Layton, Utah 1996

  • John Whitney, Digital Harmony, On the Complimentarity of Music and Visual Art,McGraw Hill, Peterborough, NH 1980

  • John Whitney, Fifty Years of Composing Computer Music and Graphics: How Time's New Solid-State Tactability Has Challenged Audio Visual Perspectives,Leonardo v.24 November 5, 1991, pp. 597-599

  • Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema,E.P. Dutton&Co., Inc., New York 1970

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