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My day begins with breakfast at a neighborhood restaurant and afterwards I drive on to the University. I enter into my studio/office and sit down at the computer. My hope is the system did not crash during the night so I can begin to work. I attempted to log in but I made a mistake.

The first time I misspelled my name since the CSuri letter combination is somewhat unusual. Even though it's my own name it does happen. I was probably tired or I simply didn't have a fourth cup of coffee. When this happens, the system requires you still type in a password before a new name can be entered. The next time I spelled my name correctly but then I made a mistake with the password. Finally, after one or two more tries I was able to log into my computer.

The problems with my name and the password was a foreboding or ominous sign of what was about to take place. I really became apprehensive when there on the monitor was a small icon of a skull. Using my mouse, I clicked on the icon of the skull and up came Mental Institution for Objects.

I thought to myself, what in the world? Was this a directory, because I don't remember creating it. Was this somebody's quick time movie? Here in front of me was a realtime full color graphics display system. I just could not believe my eyes and for a moment I thought it was a strange, surealistic dream. (I do remember aquiring a ultra high speed graphics processor for my computer, and somewhere on my disks is code for such a system).

I found myself viewing a three dimensional environment, all of the objects in high resolution color with sound, lighting, shadows and moving independently of each other. The objects moved at variable rates of speed and they could disappear and reappear in different locations. Clearly, I was entering into a unique community which was alive with energy and activity.