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Mythology helps me to look at how myths affect my beliefs, particularily, my perception of reality. I see in them an imaginative tradition about how we look at nature, history and destiny of the world, the gods, man and society. I tend to view myths as poetry rather than literal truth, either historical or scientific. As a symbolic way of thinking mythology represents a poetic way of communication as I search for meanings beneath the surface.

I have an interest in the similarities and parallels between myths from different cultures. The patterns that offer the explanations about the origins of life and the forces that influence the way we all look at reality. In many respects myths are virtual realities which enter our consciousness and shape our perceptions of existence. Human beings have always invented virtual realities to give their lives meaning and purpose.

Instead of a scientific explanation of phenomena, i.e., thunder and lighting or a hurricane force, I prefer a God of Thunder and Lightning or a God of the Winds. As an artist this has great appeal to my imagination. I love the idea that man was formed on a potter's wheel from clay or emerged from a cosmic egg.

The Egyptian God Khnum told me that he actually created the entire human race on his potter's wheel. He advised me to distrust much about scientific explanations because they do not truly offer a meaningful explanation about the origins of the Universe or the appearance of human- kind on this earth. To me it is an awesome notion to even conceive that there was once nothing but darkness or at what stage light appeared? Is it possible that matter emerged from light or space from water?