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Our projects and progam in computer graphics began with my first National Science Foundation grant for $100,000 in 1969. It was a project dealing with applications to scientific visualization and the visual arts. The Computer Graphics Research Group began in 1969 with a continuation budget from the University for a PDP 11/45 minicomputer, Vector General Display, a full time position and research space. This institutional committment and The National Science Foundation grants gave us the momentum to advance the state of knowledge in computer graphics. Later we were also assisted with grants from the Air Force Office For Scientific Research and the Navy. During a period of 21years from 1969-1990 we worked on 20-25 research projects. This represented approximately eight million dollars in research support.

The Computer Graphics Research Group became noted for advancements in computer animation languages, geometric and terrain modeling, motion control, realtime playback systems and state of the art computer animated films.The external funds for basic research in computer graphics supported twelve Ph.d dissertations in Computer and Information Science. The following students received their Ph.d degrees.

Mark Gillenson, 1974Thomas DeFanti, 1976
Richard Parent, 1977Wayne Carlson, 1982
David Zeltzer, 1984Paul MacDougal, 1984
Julian Gomez, 1985Michael Girard, 1989
James Hahn, 1989Brian Guenter, 1989
David Hauman, 1989Scott Whitman, 1991

My projects also supported 11 Masters students in CIS and EE. In addition, 52 Masters graduate students in Art, Art Education, Industrial Design and Architecture were given access to computer resources and support. There were 3 Ph.d degrees awarded in the Department of Art Education.

I am personally very proud of what these people have accomplished as they continue to distinguish themselves even more today in industry and academia.

Charles A. Csuri
Director and Professor, Emeritus
Departments of Art
Art Education and Computer and Information Science