Csuri - Computer Artist portrait

[In an alternate universe,] Charles Csuri could have played professional football. Named "All-American" for football at Ohio State, Csuri turned down offers to play professionally and chose to study art at the graduate level. In school, he became friends with Roy Lichtenstein; afterwards, both of them joined the faculty at Ohio State. (Trachtman 58).

Painting and teaching, Csuri became interested in the digital computer as a means of imaging in 1964, when he saw a computer generated face in a publication from the Department of Electrical Engineering. This started Csuri down the path which made him a Computer Graphics Pioneer. (Trachtman 64).

This site showcases Csuri's work from the vector/plotter era of computer imaging to the his recent work in algorithmic painting.

orange dot VRML Realtime Objects Art Show

For more information and recent works visit: http://www.csuri.com