Csuri - Credits csuri work

Charles Csuri would like to thank:

Lee Csuri
A special thanks to Lee, my intellectual companion and partner. During the past 35 years we have examined many concepts about art and computers.

James Shaffer
Jim developed the software which helped me to get started in my career as a computer artist. There are the other software support people, Sam Cardman, Dr. Leslie Miller and James Stewart.

Dr. Edward Q. Moulton
As Executive Vice President, OSU, in 1969, he gave me a budget line for a computer, space and a full time staff member. Ned launched me into outer space.

Dr. Wayne Carlson
Director, of the Advanced Computer Center for the Arts and Design, Wayne, has generously allowed me access to specialized equipment and personnel time.

Dr. Stephen May
Steve, through his language AL helped me to create my recent work. He developed many special functions and shaders especially for me.

Dr. Thomas Linehan
Tom and I founded ACCAD. He was instrumental in establishing our graduate program and together we acquired the base funding for ACCAD.

Matthew Lewis
I simply would not have done anything within the VRML world if it had not been for Matt Lewis. His code enables me to create interactive art objects.

Pete Carswell, Steve Spencer, Lawson Wade, Dr. Ferdi Scheepers and Steve Anderson developed special software tools for me.

Kevin Reagh
Kevin of Horizon Film and Video helped me with some of the sound files for the VRML. He made invaluable suggestions on how to make the work more interesting and expressive.

The group from the PD 11/45 computer days, Manfred Knemeyer, Frank Crow, Al Meyers, Rick Parent, Ron Hackathorn, Wayne Carlson, Robert Reynolds, Robert Marshall, Tim Van Hook
and more.