Csuri - Digital Plotting plotting

I was fascinated by the idea of being able to do transformations on a drawing. The work of Sir D'Arcy Thompson the noted biologist and mathematician was of great interest to me. His book Growth and Form was first published in 1917 and another edition in 1961. He illustrated the use of a 2D grid system to make transformations on a drawing.

His work had an influence upon the analogue computer art I created in 1963. Beginning in 1964 I began creating my first digital images. These images were generated with fortran programs which ran on an IBM 7094 computer. This computer was much slower than today's personal computers and one had to submit a job for processing.

For computer graphics the 7094 had as output cards about 4 x 7 inches with holes in them which contained information to drive a drum plotter. Boxes of cards could represent a single image. The cards were entered into a card reader on an IBM 1130 computer with a plotter device. These punch cards had the information to move the pen and pick the pen up or down as well as programmed instructions for end of line, etc.

-- Charles Csuri