Csuri - Commercial Work Commercial

In 1981, Csuri and investor Bob Cranston formed Cranston / Csuri Productions, one of five companies in the country producing computer animation for television.

"One time in particular, we went to see the director of On Air promotions at the ABC network. He was having lunch in his office while he was coordinating all of these activities, and we put in the tape and started it playing and we were almost becoming irate because he was paying no attention. When the tape finished, he just laid down his sandwich and said, ' That's some of the most spectacular stuff I've ever seen.. I want you guys to do all of the graphics for every one of our news shows for the affiliates meeting." That was probably our first major contract."

Dr. Wayne Carlson,
Director, of the Advanced Computer
Center for the Arts and Design

From the video, CsuriVision