Joan Truckenbrod's SIGGRAPH Contributions:

Art Show Chair, 1998, TOUCHWARE Exhibition.

Art Show Jury, 1994

Art Show Committee, 1992 Organized parallel exhibition at State of Illinois Gallery and wrote essay for exhibition catalog.

Art Show Participant My artwork has been included in a number of SIGGRAPH Art Shows including the early exhibitions in 1981, 1982, 1985, and 1986.

Art and Technology Curriculum Development Workshop: Invited Participant, Newport, Oregon, March 1990, Developed guidelines for Computer Art and Design curriculum.

Conference Panel Chair: Ramifications of Integrating Computers into the Creative Process in the Arts, Dallas, August 1986.

Conference Tutorial Participant: Interdisciplinary Issues in Computer Art and Design, Minneapolis, July 1984.

Paper Presentation: Effective Use of Color in Computer Graphics, Dallas, August 1981.


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