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Tracking the Net

Tracking the Net is an installation under the form of an interactive netted cube of 3X3 meters with rear-projection onto one wall, with high-resolution image. It can host from 1 to 10 interactive visitors, which can navigate and interact in real time.

The cube has its own electronic sensors and active notes, which reveal the presence of the visitor. Movements of the visitor can be detected and measured over a wide space in order to control a real-time animation. The visitor can interact with the virtual environment by touching, pushing, and manipulating the net. Just by interacting with the net the visitor can navigate and interact with the virtual objects, sounds, music. Movement of the nets are detected by infrared cameras (Qualisys) and identified by real-time tracker.

Interacting with the net the digital environment morphs into a high-speed vortex. The space morphs into a different environment. A highway of information, streams, discks, whir, layers of network cyber landscape appear, arriving, moving, crossing from all directions. Streaming towards different information nodes. From an electronic stream all expands into an intangible cyberspace, there are no boundaries...We are in the habitat of Cybor Net.

Tracking the NetThe next step of Tracking the Net is an installation of 4X4 meters with rear-projection onto 4 walls, with high-resolution images (stereo and non-), able to take form 1 to 20 interactive visitors, which can navigate and interact simultaneously in real time.

The Netter cube is compose in a large scale with the innovative cable: Live Wire! Live Wire is ELAM's innovative, cable like, electroluminescent (EL) lamp. It is a thin fibre, 0.7 mm (0.275") lighting diameter, emitting light when an alternating current is applied to the electrodes the fibre ends. Live Wire construction is a multi-layer coaxial cable with a dialectric layer made of electroluminescent phosphor particles.


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