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Suspended Window

In this interactive art installation, first exhibited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998, panes in a suspended window frame are substituted for a semi-translucent material suitable for rear projection. A video camera mounted above the suspended window is pointed toward a real window behind it. The panes in the real window are covered with mirrors.

The area between the two windows is the interaction zone. When a person walks between the two windows, the primary projected image breaks up into squares that rebound back and forth with elastic properties. Breaking up the primary image reveals a second one, consisting of the spectator's own live video image.

The installation interlaces multiple layers of real and virtual surfaces, effectively suspending the normal function of the real window. As they wander through the interaction zone, viewers find themselves hovering between the laminations of this fictitious space. Their movement creates an organic disturbance in the layers, focusing attention on the nature and function of spatial boundaries in physical and virtual worlds.


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