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Cassidy Curtis, The Art of Survival

A chameleon flunks out of camouflage school. Created as a group project by students in the University of Washington's 1998 computer animation program.

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Cassidy Curtis

Concept and Script
Jason Ilano

Eugenia Bertulis

Design and Concept Art
Jonnie Chou, Sergio Gonzalez, Jessica Lucas,
Kevin Steffa, Susan Tanney

Editing and Layout
Jessica Lucas, Mark Manca

Character Modeling
Michael Aucoin, Jud Holliday, Jason Ilano,
Justin Miller

Set and Prop Modeling
Jonnie Chou, Justin Miller, Veronica Ruckdeschel,
Kevin Steffa, Angela Woods

Shading and Lighting
Michael Aucoin, Eugenia Bertulis, Jessica Lucas, Mark Manca, Veronica Ruckdeschel, Kevin Steffa, Susan Tanney, Angela Woods

Jonnie Chou, Sergio Gonzalez, Jud Holliday, Jason Ilano, Daniel Johnson, Justin Miller,
Katrin Petersen, Veronica Ruckdeschel,
Angela Woods

Technical Direction
Jamie Hecker, Mark Manca

Technical Advisor
Darrek Rosen

Systems Support
Joel Boring

Title Design
Eugenia Bertulis

Sound and Music
Bret Battey

Mark Renner, Linda Antas

Teaching Assistants
Jamie Hecker, Daniel Johnson, Katrin Petersen, Andrew Petty

Special Thanks To:
Ronen Barzel, James Buckhouse, Andrew Glassner, Peter Plevritis, David Salesin, Brad West


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