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Jean-Pierre Hebert was born in France in 1939. He was trained as an engineer and has always been interested in drawing and water color painting. His first hands-on experience with computers was in 1959, and he has been involved with computers ever since. He began his first experimentations with computer drawings in 1979 and began a serious exploration in 1986. Along with Helaman Ferguson, Ken Musgrave, and Roman Verostko, Hebert founded the Algorists group in August 1995.

 Gris de Payne & Ochre: Jean-Pierre Hebert

Gris de Payne & Ochre
ink on paper
56 cm X 36 cm, 1996

 Deux Lignes Ochres: Jean-Pierre Hebert

Deux Lignes Ochres
ink on paper
60 cm X 46 cm, 1996

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