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Madge Gleeson lives and works in Bellingham, Washington, a college town on the banks of Puget Sound with a view of Vancouver, British Columbia. She teaches at Western Washington University and has maintained a studio in Seattle for the past decade. Born in Chicago, she holds degrees from Brown University and Washington State University. Most of her exhibition work in the past decade has been computer-related. She has shown a number of times at SIGGRAPH and ISEA.

 Artist's Garden: Madge Gleeson

Artist's Garden
laser print/mixed media
22" X 36" X 6", 1996

 Endangered Species: Madge Gleeson

Endangered Species
mixed media
48" X 48", 1995

 Golden Parachute: Madge Gleeson

Golden Parachute
laser print/mixed media
23" X 25", 1996

 High Flyer: Madge Gleeson

High Flyer
laser print/mixed media
22" X 35", 1996

 Road Warrior: Madge Gleeson

Road Warrior
laser print/mixed media
22" X 25" X 10", 1996

 Mirror, Mirror: Madge Gleeson

Mirror, Mirror
laser print/mixed media
30" X 30" X 5", 1996

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