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Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham was born in Seoul, Korea in 1959. She holds a BA in Art from California State University, Long Beach. She has been a professional graphic designer/illustrator since 1980 and has been involved in computer graphics since 1981. Currently, she owns a freelance art and design business. Her fine art has been presented in many exhibitions and publications in the US and abroad, including the SIGGRAPH 88 and SIGGRAPH 89 Art Shows, the 1989/90 ACM SIGGRAPH Travelling Art Show, 1990 Artware - Art and Electronics in Germany, 1995 and 1996 Fractal Design Art Expos, and 1989 and 1997 Connecticut College Biennial Symposiums for Arts and Technology.

 Nomad: Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham

Iris print
22.25" X 22.25", 1996

 Cape Flora: Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham

Cape Flora
Iris print,
28" X 28", 1996

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