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Arie Stavchansky

University of Texas at Austin
Texas, USA

Artist Statement: "Intersection" represents the choices we make in life and who we choose to make them with. Looking through a window on a rainy day, we see a constant flow of cars choosing to go in different directions at an intersection while raindrops tell a similar but hopeful story. "Intersection" is about the cyclical nature of how man and woman unite then separate.

This piece also demonstrates a novel technique for animating computer-generated raindrops on any smooth surface. To develop "Intersection," a unique formulation for creating several layers of organic masks was researched, developed, and applied. Adobe After Effects was used for all compositing, and Adobe Premiere was used for editing footage in the background.

Arie Stavchansky has a background in film production, animation, and interaction design. His primary research focuses on the discovery of new techniques for special effects and motion graphics. Designing interfaces for computational tools that help artists, designers, and filmmakers crystallize their visions is at the forefront of his research at The University of Texas at Austin. Artificially recreating natural phenomena in visual media is one of his interests, and he considers it to be one of the greatest challenges known to visual artists.