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Diginoise Media lab
Lisa Hsu

Taipei, TAIWAN

Artist Statement: Set within a highly developed, but technologically over-mechanized landscape dense with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, the narrative of Nobo paints an environmental wasteland where the only occupants are robots and buildings are built so high up on top of one another, the sky has virtually disappeared. A short film about a little patch-gear robot named Nobo and his attempt to discover the world beyond the hidden sky. Diginoise Media Lab animated and rendered on Maya 4.0, composited in After Effects, and ran all programs on Windows.

Lisa Kawamoto Hsu

Shih-Wei Wang

Executive Producer
Chih-Hwa Liu

Editing Director

Assistant Producer
Lin I-Hui

Sound Engineer
Che-Chin Yang

Thio Hugo P.

Art Director
Jiun-Yu Lai

Technical Directors
Yung-Chieh Yu, Kas Kyo

Compositing Artist
David Rinder