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Richard A. McCann
Janet Parrish-McCann

Vista, California USA
Mother Sees All
55" x 32" x 19"

Description: The setting is a 1940s-type billboard. The two skeletons installing the image are symbols of the past erecting a scene that brings us to the present with hopes for a bright future. On the left, is a clock of time encircled by a snake leaning toward two figures enclosed in a gazebo cage. The snake appears to be reaching out to their outside world. They resemble nondescript manikin-like features that stir the artist within all of us.

Multimedia: Two cast dye-patinaed bronze skeletons,five fabricated spotlights mounted on wood billboard with external power supply, enamel paint on back surfaces, main image created with Illustrator 9, Photoshop 7, and Painter 7.

This sculpture represents mother earth. The drawers represent the earth's crust, the womb for her population and the bottom her fiery bowels. The bronze woman on the galloping horse represents our fate, which is out of control. Yet she sees all and continues to protect all.

Multimedia: dye-patinaed bronze,marble, mosaic, glass beads, acrylic paint,oak wood, low-voltage lighting, plexiglass mirrors, plaster cast models, miniature models, digital prints on three drawer bottoms created with Photoshop 7 and Painter 7.
Bits of Knowledge
34.5" x 29" x 10"