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Beth Warshafsky

NYC ACM Siggraph
New York, USA
In the Country
16" x 51"

Artist Statement: Originally trained in painting and printmaking, I became involved in computer animation as it was emerging in the broadcast design industry. Working as an animator and paintbox artist, I began to intuitively integrate motion and sound into my personal work. Since the late 80's most of my work has been time-based, video-computer poems.

In 2000, I attended the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles and was reintroduced to making large images in the context of digital printmaking. I found myself engaged once again with 2D and intrigued with the relationship in my work between 2D and 4D (time based) in terms of content and composition. Pairing mixed media digital prints with work on the computer is a natural extension of my working process. I am interested in how an idea or impulse changes as it moves between mediums. This "intermedia" approach allows for new relationships and instances--- between stillness and motion, text and images, sound and silence and back again.

In these pieces I am exploring subjective experience through images and sequences. Using dreams and memories as points of departure, I am trying to extend and connect that space between dream and waking, imagination and the day to day that weaves through our lives.
The Springs
15" x 52"