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Philip Sanders

New York, USA
Ascenser (series)
8" x 28"

Artist Statement: This panorama series explores culture and consciousness, especially the relationship between preconception, perception, and meaning. These are photographic/painted constructions composed of interrelated images, an extension of painting into four dimensions. They present a dialogue between an individual viewer and external realities, juxtaposing actual-seeming places and things with conceptual, archaeological, and painterly images. Although some parts of panoramas seem to present a photographic realism, everything has been constructed or revised digitally, with the revisionary process an explicit aspect of the process. Meanings are developed in conjunction with viewers' expectations and responses, creating a resonant framework in which the artist mediates between the external world and the artwork, and the artwork mediates between the artist and the viewer.

Traditionally, paintings are built up layer by layer, each successive layer superseding and covering what came before. There is a regret for what is lost, an interest in the dynamic permutations of the process, the archaeology of a painting. New technologies tend towards work utilizing collage, montage, and vision in motion. With digital image creation, an artist can save multiple stages of the work, and composite them together. Extending this temporal process along a spatial axis gives a viewer the ability to explore and recreate this process of creation via a temporal/spatial record of the work.