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Fumihiko Ariga

Ohio State University
Ohio, USA
Bio Synergy
8" x 10"

Artist Statement: My true motivation in creating art is driven by the definition; art is not what the artist sees, but it is the world of imagination that the artist reveals to his audience. I am interested in creating immersive and responsive art experiences for the viewers. The arrival to digital imaging came naturally to me through a path that has become increasingly surrounded by digital technology. The computer is an instrument for allowing certain images to come forward, and others to recede into the barely recognizable forms of dreams. Using the computer as a medium of art allows me to investigate the relationships between layers, dimensions, and elements.

The work in progress undergoes an engineering process that is vital, yet unpredictable. With a background in engineering, solid structures are evident in my concepts and the direction of the artwork. However, I find these journeys simply come to conclusions on their own prerogative. The result creates a language that cannot be perceived in the world as we know it. Rather than attempting to speak to audiences through a universal language, I would like to use my works as opportunities to listen as each person takes something different from them.