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Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Canberra, Australia
1200mm x 12mm

Artist Statement: The works, 'And' and 'Dicegold' are drawn from a series of large scale digital images by gatescherrywolmark which construct a series of intersections, between disparate practices, technology and subjectivity, word and image. Intersections are transitional points at which the familiar becomes defamiliarised, unsafe and capable of creative reinterpretation. Their existence at the site of such intersections enables the images to disrupt the dualisms on which traditional categories of both art making and art criticism are based. Thus, categories such as original and copy, artist and technician are at issue, as is the whole notion of authenticity. As the boundaries between practices and processes begin to break down the work increasingly finds itself in an unfamiliar 'elsewhere', a 'placeless place' that is appropriately hybrid, plural and impure. This 'placeless place' might be thought of as a paraspace, 2 that is, a space that that has a symbiotic, non-hierarchical and ultimately subversive relation to ordinary space. As such, it is a transgressive place, a place of power and excess in which space, place and identity become fluid.

'And' and 'Dicegold' are located within such a paraspace, or placeless place. The work explores the dynamic interplay between time and memory, presence and absence, being and becoming, and it contains meanings that are incomplete and partial. The contours of this placeless place are mapped through metaphors of the ordinary and the everyday, generating intimate and feminised spaces within which new narratives of the self can be constructed. Both pieces can be seen as part of an on-going gatescherrywolmark project to create improvisational and open-ended work in which control over meaning becomes a negotiated process between makers and viewers. Dr Jenny Wolmark Writer/critic
1200mm x 12mm