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Gloria DeFilipps Brush

University of Minnesota Duluth
Minnesota, USA
(7581) from Language/Text II
20" x 24"

Artist Statement: This image is from the series Language Text II, which I began in 2001. The images are about the changing aura of language and its relationships with the objects existing in what we call real space. Objects wait to be recognized and enveloped by words, which form trajectories of both communication and miscommunication. Sometimes they are breaths without voice. They seek a secure syntactic position, but meaning constantly is devised, relocated, de-created.

Language slips, revealing and reviving, negotiating the soft and uncertain terrain of thought and interpretation.

These pictures were made with using a scale model architectural camera, which enables focusing on relatively small objects that are rendered in relatively sharp focus even when only inches away from the lens. The source images then are scanned using PhotoShop software, and digitally mediated.