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Jaimy McCann

Mesmer Animation Labs
Washington, USA
Dark City
11" x 9"

Artist Statement: My work is based on the potential technology offers artists to express imagination and ideas. I am interested in how emotion, fantasy, realism, and detail can all be composited together with the use of 3D and 2D software tools to compose compelling works of art.

I derive my inspiration from environments - urban or natural. I feel observation of characteristics and details of environments reveal more about the inhabitants than the inhabitants themselves. There is a language of inanimate details available and translatable to the astute observer that conveys a force of life and energy most beguiling.

"Darkcity" - Darkcity is a member of a body of images formerly published in Computer Arts Magazine. It is a study of how 3D and 2D computer tools can represent the formal concerns of fine art such as color, perspective, depth, and detail to create an emotionally evocative atmosphere. This image was inspired by an affinity for, yet wariness of certain large northern cities.