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Kamran Moojedi

California, USA
Stephen Hawking Portrait
41" x 52"

Artist Statement: For the past two decades, I have been exploring and developing a drawing style that could not be executed without the assistance of a computer. The main body of my work consists of portrait drawings. Each portrait is in reality an extended series of over a hundred drawings that are immensely complex, but held together by a unique line style that fits the subject and their personality. The lines form an image that express one's soul, the energy beyond the exterior mask, making the portraits both abstract and representational.

My work thrives on duality; it is both expressive and conceptual. It includes the cross pollination of traditional art mediums with the computer. While containing classical and futuristic elements, it is neither about the past nor the future, but a bridge between the two. The portrait series depicts cultural icons that have struggled with their own duality, reflecting the realities of our time.