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Igor Knezevic

Flare Group
California, USA
Farewell to Arms
24" x 30"

Artist Statement: These images are part of ongoing series of graphics called "Strange continuum". These images, and all other images in series; were made using digital, mostly 3d computer graphics tools. They feature a variety of thematically and visually different computer generated compositions / environments connected by an overall mood that is somewhat bizarre and dislocated. They may be seen as building blocks in a small but constantly expanding bubble universe.

3D design and graphic design use different language of expression. This work can also be seen as my attempt to connect them in dialogue.

I grew up in country that was eventually broken up in many pieces by a civil war. As a consequence of that during the '90s I lived in many countries in Western Europe, moving in and out as financial and legal situation was changing, and then, at the end of nineties I immigrated to USA. During that time I was making series of digital artworks and almost every single one of them was made in different country under different circumstances.

Looking back at these years from this considerable distance in space and time, I realize that maybe only continuous thread I have from that time are these graphics which, it seems to me, exist in some kind of vacuum. However, to my surprise, that purging vacuum of these years may be leading me to something valuable. Something quite hard to get back once it is taken away from you. Sense of belonging.

The beauty of graphic art lies in its ability to convey a message whilst leaving room for interpretation.