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Roy LaGrone

Savannah College of Art and Design
Georgia, USA
Orientation Module #1
43" x 42"

Artist Statement: Utilizing the techniques and concepts of sampling (collage) as a formal foundation, I explore themes of memory and improvisation to execute large-scale paintings, multimedia installations, and two-dimensional animated film shorts. Throughout both my traditional and digital works, I engage a visual dialogue while combining discarded disciplines and traditions with current-day innovation. My work includes references to design, ritual, and vernacular aesthetics.

"The art of Roy LaGrone sits at the crossroads of electric collage culture and resurrection aesthetics. His current visual production places him within a poly-visual continuum of past, present, and future imagicians of the true world order. As an initiate into the realm of cyber-shamanism and electric hermetics, LaGrone shows us through digital projection and artifactual reclamation the alchemical process of becoming through creation and reproductive re-creation. What results from this process are visual love songs for cyborgs searching for guidance through this Frankenstein aesthetic we now call global culture. Stay tuned."

-Kevin Sipp, Artist/Curator, Poet and Writer