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Mark Story

Digital Cinema Arts
Arizona, USA
The Rings Series - Space Rings
46" x 12"

Ribbons I and II
26" x 14"

Artist Statement:
The Rings Series - Space Rings
The Rings Series:
Inter-Dimensional Interference Patterns
"Space Rings" - electromagnetic/gravitational context:
Fractional Brownian motion and turbulence functions, procedural shaders for reactions in electromagnetic and gravity well context; "magnetic flux." Profile curve extruded into rings, copied, scaled, rotated, and animated.
Applications: Houdini, RenderMan, Blue Moon Rendering Tools
Platform: SGI
Ribbons I and II
Translucent ribbons of color in spiraling motion forming into a nautilus of concentrated energy.
A simple NURBs curve, twisted onto itself to form an enclosed space, copied, rotated, translated, and animated to form a spiraling nautilus.
Applications: Houdini, Mantra, RenderMan
Platform: SGI