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Jessica Maloney

Bowling Green State University
Ohio, USA
Unconscious Drowning: Trapped in a Moment
62.5" x 86.5" x 6"

Artist Statement: This piece invites the viewer to slip into the unconscious world of the female figure represented in the image. As the viewer's eye slides back and forth across the panels, making their way down the piece, the image gets darker and goes out of focus. The figure is trapped within the frame, and the same motion is repeated again and again. The mood of the figure is somewhat serene, the closed eyes suggesting sleep. Yet the darkness closing in towards the bottom panels talks more about suffocation than peace. The female figure is trapped in a repetitive moment and is drowning without even being aware of the gravity of her situation.

"Hold On" is part of a series of work that addresses various cycles of struggle and acceptance that are repeated throughout lives. This is a broad topic but can become extremely specific when applied to our own personal problems or "repeat loops." We each have our own stories, and "Hold On" focuses on the point in the story when we are trying to hold it all together. The red scarf represents strength, passion, and energy. All of which are needed when we are trying to "Hold On."
Hold On
30" x 27"