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Raymond St. Arnaud

British Columbia, Canada
The Chair Of Final Remorse
28" x 21"

Artist Statement: His first means of artistic expression was photography and photography continues to be the basis for all his work. For his personal visual statements, Raymond has used photographic images to produce photographs, paintings, drawings and prints. Currently, he is using his photographs as a source for computer manipulated/altered images and prints. He outputs his images with an Epson 3000 printer using a Lyson archival dye set on archival art paper.

The basis of his personal imagery can be described as photographing a found object or a found incident. One of the methods he uses to change images may be thought of as recursive or self - referential. The image is altered by using information from the image, not only as the source for the image, but also as the modifying parameter. Other modifications include; altered color and tone values, and the enhancement or suppression of detail.

The submitted images are from a new series called "As Seen On TV", where the photographic images are modified to resemble a symbolic TV screen.