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Michael Field

University of Houston Texas, USA
33" x 27"
Artist Statement: With the discovery in the late 1920's of Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle, many physicists began to adopt the view that the universe was intrinsically non-deterministic. That is, at a very fundamental level, matters are decided by *chance* rather than any formulaic recipe. A consequence of this viewpoint is that the regularity and form one sees everywhere is often an expression of *statistical regularity*. That is, structure can be, and often is, a (geometric) realization of 'laws of averages'. Life itself - depending as it does on the statistical laws of genetics and inheritance - is maybe the best and most familiar expression of the role that randomness plays in our existence.

In my work, I use ideas based on symmetry and chaotic (non-deterministic) dynamical systems as a means of expressing and representing in an abstract way the underlying structure that lies within chaos and randomness.

All of my work is created using software that I have been developing now for fourteen years. This software - which I call *prism* (an acronym for PRograms for the Interactive Study of Maps) - uses ideas based on my mathematical research into symmetry, chaos and dynamics. As part of *prism*, I have developed many algorithms specifically to achieve some of the effects that I obtain in my pieces. I use *prism* for the design and coloring of the piece. I do not use any commercial software packages. I also build the computers that I use to create these pieces. The finished work is printed onto photographic paper using a Durst Lambda 130.
No Exit
27" x 33"
End Game
33" x 27"