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John-Dan Key

Washington, USA
34" x 42"

Artist Statement: I paint to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Specifically, I paint to show the beauty of interrelation. I juxtapose line and shape to relate them strongly with one another, to forge the separate elements into a dynamic, inter-working whole.

I build each painting to mold a certain feeling, to create a certain energy. It is an energy of pressure, of potential, a latent energy like a compressed spring or the excitement of a crowd. I choose the lines I draw and the shapes I paint in order to produce and heighten this energy.

As someone who has always stood apart, observing the world as though from the outside, I sense strongly the ties that exist between the members of humankind and the cosmos in which they dwell. I choose to draw out and accentuate these relationships in my work, in symbolic form. My hope is that someday I may so completely portray these relationships that by merely painting I will bind people closer to others and to the world around them.

John-Dan Key is a former writer and computer programmer. He has been actively painting since 1996. He uses numerous programs in his work, including Corel Draw, Photo Paint, Macromedia Flash, and others of his own design. He has shown in numerous galleries and includes among his honors being selected as a presenter for the annual SIGGRAPH conference. He lives and works in rural Washington state.

Under Construction
34" x 42"

The Meaning of Pi
34" x 42"