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Jose Luis Mendez & Atman Victor

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
The Inner Offering
60cm x 40cm

Artist Statement: I have been an artist since I was a child. I used to draw and paint since the age of 10 and get high qualifications in school. I was even awarded several prizes during my schooling years. I have no academic background apart from this. Prior to finishing my primary school my draw teacher advised me to follow art studies and devote myself to it. I was even determined to study arts but my narrow-minded parents discouraged me and didn't support my idea, so I had to resign and attend secondary school.

I have settled as a professional artist. Anyway, I keep doing it mainly because I need to create... art gives me power and releases my fancy. The only thing I do as a hobby is write poems in english from time to time.

I consider myself a fine artist that uses the computer as a pictorial technique. I feel truly free using my computer to create art, it offers me a creative world full of boundless possibilities.

I have used many software programs (including AutoCAD and 3DStudioMax). My main goal with the computer is to produce fine art, not high-tech design. I feel very comfortable working with several 2D and 3D programs like Photoshop, Corel, Painter, Bryce and Poser.

The best outline to explain my creative process in front of the computer is that there's no fixed outline.

Presently I am particularly involved in surrealism and in quest of a new language for digital abstractionism.

I am usually very anarchichal in my creative process. The most outstanding feature of it is that my artworks bear the sign of a spiritual perfectionist.