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Teri Rueb

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Process and performance are articulated as live and archived elements in the exhibition. As a live element, a participant is tracked by GPS as she moves about the city. The trail of the participantÌs movement is transposed into visual terms as a dynamic drawing generated in real-time over the Internet and presented as a projection in the installation space.

As an archived element, the drawings are recorded and presented for viewing in a three-dimensional format. Recorded journeys are prepared as vector-based drawings in Adobe Illustrator which are then printed on transparency film. Each printed journey is registered against prior journeys, and sandwiched between stacked 1/2" plates of glass. The stacks of glass grow taller over time with the addition of subsequent drawings, thus creating an expanding 'z-axis' through which the viewer can observe changes in the travelerÌs movement over time.

Artist and studio assistant maintain the installation throughout the period of the exhibition by monitoring and recording each live Internet performance, translating drawings from performances into acetate prints, and integrating the prints into the glass stacks. Process and performance are blurred as the artist, present as part of the exhibition, creates the stacks of archived drawings from the participantÌs movement as she travels about the city.

The piece uses GPS receivers interfaced with laptop computers. Geographical data from the GPS units is passed wirelessly via cellular modem to a Java applet running on a server on the Internet. The Java applet translates geographical data into a drawing that is generated in real-time as the performer moves about the city. Java applet and wireless integration were realized by In Choi. The project is documented on the web at: