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Teri Rueb

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Teri Rueb is an artist whose practice blends traditional and new media in large-scale interactive installations. Her work explores the relationship between technology and culture with an emphasis on issues of time, memory, and the body. She lectures, exhibits and publishes widely in international venues including CAiiA Consciousness Reframed (Australia, 2002), ISEA (Paris, 2000), The Banff Centre for the Arts, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Bell Laboratories, Interval Research, and the German National Institute for Research on Information Technology. In 1999 she launched "Trace" along a network of hiking trails in British Columbia, Canada with the support of the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Her work has been reviewed and written about in a variety of publications including I.D. Magazine, Interactivity Magazine, and ÏInformation Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and TechnologyÓ, edited by Stephen Wilson, MIT Press 2001. She is a recipient of numerous grants and fellowships for research in art and technology. Rueb is an Assistant Professor of Visual Art at the University of Maryland Baltimore County..