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artist statement

W. Bradford Paley: Whether working as a designer or an artist the essence of my work is interpretation. My goal as an interaction designer is to give visual form to the ideas and work processes of my clients. As an artist I try to do the same for beautiful hidden phenomena, preexisting in the world. Once these are scene, the hope is that they will be remembered in the viewerÌs everyday life.
We need a little help to see some of the most beautiful phenomena: think of the fluid arabesques created in the air by any simple gesture invisible until we add tiny particles of smoke. I choose my colors, shapes, and motions to reveal my subjects, to let them express themselves as clearly as possible.

Sometimes I need to limit or abstract the data feeds to remove the 'noise' that hid the beauty in the first place. But these choices and abstractions are not the subject, they are just a filter. Showing the nature of the filter is an important part of the work. I want this to refer back to my subject phenomenon, not my interpretation, as if to say Ïlook how simple the filter is; the beauty must be in the subject..