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Kenneth A. Huff

project proposal
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I will be completing new images which will incorporate one or more of the active themes currently flowing through my work. Many of those themes are implemented using software tools I develop specifically for my work. The tool development process often takes place concurrently with the creation of new image, driven by the specific technical requirements of the image.

The new work will be documented on an interactive kiosk that will display the work in progress, sources of inspiration, original concept sketches, previously-created work and any new images created. All of these will be annotated and connected in an interactive environment highlighting the themes and patterns that flow throughout my body of work.

In addition to completing new work and discussing my overall and specific creative and technical processes, I also will be able to address what it is like to be an independent fine artist using digital tools. Being an independent artist in any medium can be difficult, but doing so in a medium which is generally misunderstood and constantly evolving presents significant additional challenges.