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Matthew Biederman
Bart Woodstrup

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The DelRay laboratory is a site specific and time specific, artistic installation. This laboratory facilitates experimentation with different procedures for exploring the fusion of sound and image. Through computer programming, sensors, and audience interaction, various image and sound synthesis techniques will reveal the complexities of the grammar of vision and auditory perception. Line, color, form, depth, motion, acceleration, and texture will interact as the visual counterpoint to similar properties of sound. The experiments will take place as both artistic and scientific explorations within themselves as well as evolving into a formal composition. On display are both the composition and the artistic process of the composition.

DelRay's experiments will be conducted using the QuickTime based architecture of Nato 0+55 and the MAX/MSP object oriented programming language. Two systems, one for each of the composers, will be set up in the laboratory whereby external, environmental information will become the data "steering" each aspect of synthesis and playback.

The two members of Delray will work separately on their own workstations. Matt Biederman will be constructing the visual synthesis using Nato and Bart Woodstrup will use MSP to generate and manipulate sound. Video cameras will be used to gather imagery and also as a control mechanism that will feed into both visual and audio synthesis. Sensors gathering information on temperature, light, motion, depth perception, will be incorporated. The two workstations will be networked sending sensor, sound, and image information to create a dialogue between the two computers.

Image and sound will be systematically introduced to one another, colliding with each other, creating entirely new relationships between one another. The sound of this collision will produce disagreeable vibrations of such magnitude that new harmonies will be produced. These harmonies will be created along the pathways from sensory experience to perception, nostalgia, and knowledge. This process is wrought from the scientific (the need to know) and the intuitive (the need to create).