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Matthew Beiderman
Bart Woodstrup

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artist statement

The concept of DelRay is examined in the light of the del itself, particularly in its resistance to various forms of abstraction and disembodiment. This act of participation is never final. By enduring enough data to gauge the resulting Ray, it will amount to pulling out the rug underneath the list of suspect words. This representation of data-space does not necessarily have to reflect real experiences, yet we find that we are gradually get closer and closer to the RAY.

Interrogation of our condition is of high cultural importance. This is a kind of perversion of technology. In this time all sorts of distortions and misunderstandings will appear; where the complexity of digital systems causes mutations as well as innovation.
We are beginning to see not only how machines actually work, but we are also seeing how machines actually work. This is a neutral presentation disguised in the condition of its representation. We were sitting on the porch and we said, "what if?" DelRay will customize your experience to make you easier.

With the understanding that some of the greatest technological achievements were created through accidental occurrence, sanitary working (working in a vacuum) is ill advised.