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James Faure Walker
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artist statement
I have called this picture 'Blue Bowls' for no better reason than it's blue and because of the bowl-like forms. I started out wanting to do something in vivid greens and yellows. I have been making reliefs in cardboard, painting them, photographing them from odd angles, and recreating them digitally. I felt I should go easy on the tan color of the raw cardboard. In the end I found myself using these dominant blues.

Before it is anything else, this is really a drawing, where the flow of the line, and the rhythm of the design matter most. For some time ‚ fourteen years - I have been working both with paint programs and with physical paint. By making drawing dominant, keeping it as the foreground layer, using the line like a language, I can play around with other shifts and contrasts. The drawn motif is the constant, whether drawn with biro, on a Wacom tablet, or photographed as a brush-mark. You can convey quite a lot in the character of a line. It's visual and direct, a good way to keep on top of the technology.